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Finale Version der HTACCESS-Firewall 2016

Eine sehr sinnvolle Erweiterung für jeden Webspace: 6G HTACCES Firewall!

After three years of development, testing, and feedback, I’m pleased to announce the official launch version of the 6G Firewall (aka the 6G Blacklist). This version of the nG Firewall is greatly refined, heavily tested, and better than ever. Fine-tuned to minimize false positives, the 6G Firewall protects your site against a wide variety of malicious URI requests, bad bots, spam referrers, and other attacks. Blocking bad traffic improves site security, reduces server load, and conserves precious resources. The 6G Firewall is entirely plug-n-play with no configuration required. It’s also open source, easy to use, and completely free, providing strong protection for any Apache-powered website.


Ein Hoch auf Perishable Press und ebenso ein dickes DANKE!